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One of the most important concepts in attics is proper ventilation. The purpose of soffits is to bring in cold air, which removes moisture and hot air through gable, roof, ridge and solar power vents to allow healthy air flow.

For many years, our staff at Healthy Environmental while conducting mould inspections has seen other insulation companies create mould from suffocating the soffits. Healthy Insulation installs a variety of systems to fit your attics needs including gable vents, ridge vents, roof exhaust vents for bathroom fans and solar-powered vents for problematic attics.

Why ventilate your attic? The underlying reason to increase airflow in your attic is to reduce the likelihood of developing issues such as moisture, mould, and ice dams. Proper ventilation can save you money in the long run.

Contact us to speak with a ventilation specialist to determine the best solution for your specific attic.

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